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The Portuguese brand KAILLA, launched in September of 2017, is the result of the passion, dedication and commitment of a personal stylist, that, ever since, is fascinated by the fashion world and the creativity and one day decided to transform her dream into reality: have her own brand of handbags, which are her great passion. 

The possibility of creating by scratch, the conception and idealization of the piece till it execution and the final result is a complex and breathtaking process. And when to the creative liberty, you combine the technique and knowledge of the master craftsmen, that, from generation to generation, gathered the knowledge materialized by the magic of their hand, the result can only be brilliant and inspiring.

The choice of the best materials, the extreme quality of the leathers and the ironware, the perfect piece’s execution, all the attention given to the details and the love and soul that arise from them, is what we offer to all that enters into KAILLA's universe, with the creativity direction of Cláudia Nascimento.

The handbag is the essential accessory to every woman, reveling her personality and own style. The look can be simple, but the handbag must be remarkable. Aesthetic combined with quality is a great asset.

The name KAILLA is from Hebrew origin and means bay leaves crown or the known Triumphal Crown, that the competition winners wear in ancient Greek and Rome. In its Hawaiian origin symbolizes strength, courage and inner joy and in the English origin has the meaning of purity.
This is our concept: KAILLA woman is victorious, strong and truly happy.

Enter with us in this magical world!